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Inefficient plastics recycling costs Vietnam up to $3 billion each year

Managing used plastic as a valuable resource provides a sound business case for scaling up recycling and other plastic circularity efforts, while promoting sustainable economic development, according to IFC – World Bank study. The joint report finds that only 33 per cent of the total 3.9 million tons of the commonly used plastics disposed per […]

Attracting investment in recycling and circular economy

Financial institutions and investment funds have to face some obstacles im making investment into plastic recycling sector. Since its appearance, plastic materials have become more and more popular in daily life, generating more plastic waste. In Vietnam only, an estimated 2,500 tons of plastic waste is discharged across the country daily. Writing on World Economic Forum, […]

Nine companies join hands to set up a packaging recycling alliance in Vietnam

A coalition of nine leading companies from the consumer goods and packaging industry aims to contribute to a clean, green, and beautiful Vietnam by driving the circular economy and making the recycling of packaging more accessible and sustainable. This pioneering coalition of consumer goods and packaging industry contributes towards a green, clean, and beautiful Vietnam […]

URC Vietnam raises environment protection awareness

As a leading corporation in food and beverage industry as well as a member of the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam), URC Vietnam always pioneers in the field of sustainable development. Results from the report “Plastics – A growing concern” conducted by Ipsos last year show that Vietnam plastic waste is amongst the highest […]

Coca Cola, Nestle, Suntory and 6 other companies push Vietnam on plastic recycling

Coca Cola, Nestle and Suntory and six other consumer goods and packaging companies have joined together to create the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) which wants to promote the growth of a domestic packaging collection and recycling ecosystem in Vietnam. By joining together in their efforts, the companies believe that they can help Vietnam […]

What are Vietnam’s options for dealing with plastic waste?

Vietnam should set up legal framework for recycling plastic waste, reduce plastic use and find new materials to replace non-recyclable plastics, according to experts. “The best solution would be recycling as much plastic waste as you can,” George Huber, professor of chemical and biological engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, the U.S., said when asked about possible […]