About Us

Signing ceremony of the first nine members.

Who is PRO Vietnam?

Who is
PRO Vietnam?

PRO Vietnam is a coalition of leading FDI and Vietnamese companies having high prestige, diverse experiences and especially a common earnest responsibility to the Vietnamese consumers and environment from the consumer goods and packaging industries has come into life, united in the vision to work with Government in providing a long term impetus to Packaging Recycling in the country: make Vietnam Green, Clean, and Beautiful.


To achieve our ambition, PRO Vietnam’s model is executed on four main pillars:

  •  Increase consumer’s awareness about package sorting and recycling.
  •  Improve the current ecosystem of collecting and recycling packaging.
  •  Foster recycling programs from package-manufacturing factories.
  •  Co-operate with the authorities in promoting in general the 3R principle (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle), especially the act of Recycle, giving a new life to used packages.

PRO Members

Core Principles

Collaboration: as a voluntary initiative, we will work together on unified plan with collection and recycling goals aligned with government objectives in an open and non-competitive spirit.

Proactive Leadership: leading by example, we will drive positive change by taking voluntary and proactive initiatives as pioneer of the industry.

Inclusivity and Fairness: we will create and maintain an open and inclusive PRO platform for all packaging stakeholders to join and contribute; and we will create a level playing field for all member companies.

Integrity: we will conduct PRO operations in full respect of Vietnam laws and business ethics.

Passion: we will create an environment where each member is inspired by the work of PRO Vietnam.

Result Focus: we will set realistic, measurable goals, and we will achieve them, focusing not on what we can get from, but what we can contribute to Vietnam.

Vision, Mission and Ambition

Vision, Mission
and Ambition


To be one of the key contributors to make Vietnam green, clean and beautiful.


While doing business in Vietnam, we will drive the circular packaging economy and make recycling more accessible and sustainable.


Our ambtion is that, by 2030, all packaging material that members put into the market is collected for recycling.

Contact Us

72 Le Thanh Ton st. Ward Ben Nghe,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam