PRO Vietnam is a coalition of leading FDI and Vietnamese companies having high prestige from consumer goods, packaging, retail, and import industries (24 members) and especially a common responsibility: make Vietnam Green, Clean, and Beautiful by promoting a circular economic model through more accessible and sustainable packaging collection and recycling process. This is an important pillar in the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). PRO Vietnam was founded in Ho Chi Minh City on June 21, 2019.




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Our core values


As a voluntary initiative, we will work together on unified plan with collection and recycling goals aligned with government objectives in an open and non-competitive spirit.

Proactive Leadership

Leading by example, we will drive positive change by taking voluntary and proactive initiatives as pioneer of the industry.

Inclusivity and Fairness

We will create and maintain an open and inclusive PRO platform for all packaging stakeholders to join and contribute; and we will create a level playing field for all member companies.


We will conduct PRO operations in full respect of Vietnam laws and business ethics


We will create an environment where each member is inspired by the work of PRO Vietnam.

Result Focus

We will set realistic, measurable goals, and we will achieve them, focusing not on what we can get from, but what we can contribute to Vietnam.

Vision - Mission - Ambition of PRO Viet Nam

Role of PRO Viet Nam

PRO Vietnam Roadmap 2020 - 2030
Circular Economy of Packaging

PRO Vietnam will be focused on incentivizing recycling industry to increase collection via the informal and formal sectors, in addition to education and awareness to drive behavior change by promoting the circular economy for packaging.

PRO Vietnam aims to collaborate with the recycling business, driving a circular economy of packaging in Vietnam by 2030. This model will recreate an entire ecosystem of consumer-good packages, from design, manufacture, to collecting after usage, recycling and reuse, giving a second life to packaging waste.

Building a Recycling Trustmark for Vietnam

Logo has been designed as a combination design - a graphic symbol combined with name of the entity next to it. The symbol itself is made by using a conceptual, unique and stylized graphic treatment of the ACRONYM of the entity English name ie using 3 letters "P", "R" and "O"

Circular Shape

The shape of the logo is a ‘Circle’ in line with vision of PRO Vietnam to contribute towards bringing about transformation in packaging recycling in Vietnam by building ‘Circular Economy’ in Vietnam

Green Target

Colour system of Logo has been done using as 2 different shades of colour ‘Green’ to connote Sustainability and Environment, creating a visual of a green target – and this is also to match the vision of PRO Vietnam entity to make Vietnam clean, green and beautiful

Building the Recycling Culture in Vietnam through Mass Communication and Education
Packaging littering

has become an issue in Vietnam which needs to be addressed

Packaging waste

is a problem only if we let it ends up as waste in (landfill/ ocean)

Used packaging

is not a waste, it can be put to new use and become a resource


is the game changer, we need to work hand in hand for a clean green and beautiful Vietnam

Leaders of the Coalition

Leaders of the Coalition
Leaders of the Coalition
overview of pro vietnam fund sources and distribution